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As a result of Sarah’s approach to coaching I felt very supported, understood and validated; this gave me confidence and encouraged me to look at things in more positive ways.

Deputy Fundraising Director, Arts

Sarah has helped me at a significant point in my career. In particular she has helped me realise how central my confidence is to becoming the leader I want to be.

Managing Director, BlackRock

…your wonderful support…came at the perfect point in my career. I now feel much more capable of self-reflection to find and implement solutions to barriers or problems.

Development Manager, Arts

Sarah is an exceptional coach. She listens…asks insightful questions and enabled me to think through problems, find workable solutions and develop achievable yet stretching goals.

CEO, Not-for-profit

Sarah has a natural empathy, is a great listener and comes up with pragmatic ideas. She asks sensible questions and keeps focus by going back to goals set.

CEO, Legal Recruitment

Coaching helped me reflect and become more self-aware on the leadership qualities I already practiced day to day. This in turn boosted my confidence.

Director, BlackRock

I feel lucky to have worked with Sarah and…our sessions have allowed me to leave work for maternity leave feeling more prepared and confident.

Senior Producer, Roundhouse

Sarah really helped me during a crucial point in my career where I was at a crossroads for the first time in many years.

Director, BlackRock

Sarah helped me to develop a new way of thinking and working that will stay with me for a long time.

CEO, Not-for-profit
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