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Coaching Style

Positive, calm, intuitive, quietly challenging and supportive.

Sarah works with clients to create a positive and collaborative space in which they can step out of their day to day life to be heard, find the time to reflect and devise strategies for tackling a transition that they are facing. Her emotional and strategic awareness quickly gives her insight into the individual and organisational context, and the many challenges faced by both.

SLT Executive Coaching programmes help clients articulate clear goals and supports them as they work towards achieving them. Sarah’s coaching style has been described as ‘positive, calm and intuitive’ and ‘quietly challenging, yet supportive’. She is deeply curious about people, their individuality and believes in their capacity to reach their full potential.

The framework she uses is underpinned by several psychological theories, in particular aspects of Person-Centred and Positive Psychology, and she is an advocate of strengths-based coaching. She approaches each programme with a view that it is possible to help clients determine their own solutions to the challenges that they are facing.

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